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eStaff Search Group believes in the philosophy that only by being subject matter experts are we able to best serve our candidates and clients. Our focuses are surrounding:

Database  + Development  + Infrastructure

When you are communicating with our professionals you can be assured that their only focus is finding the best possible candidates. Find your dream candidates with eStaff where we specialize in the following disciplines:

Software Development and Architecture

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Database Design & Administration

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Big Data

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Network & Systems Administration

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Software QA & Testing

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Machine Learning

eStaff Search Group Testimonials

"Great relationship with everyone at eStaff. They feel more like a partner than just another vendor I work with."
- Nick, IT Manager
"We ran the process quickly, interviewed several candidates, and actually made a job offer that was accepted in about 10 days or so. Very helpful and customer-oriented for sure."
- Bruce, HR Manager
"In my role, I work with many different staffing agencies. The eStaff team were one of the best to work with. I appreciate the respect given to our internal issues and will continue to utilize him moving forward."
- Ken, HR Manager

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